Strictly No Added Sulphites Wine Club Case of 6 Red Wines

Type: wine case

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Tasting Notes

This No Sulphites Added red case of 6 wines made with strictly no added sulphites to ensure there is nothing added in the winemaking process. 

Explore what's new in our natural category this month:

It consists of 2 bottles of Argentinian Malbec made with no added sulfites - very fresh and juicy you won't recognise it; however it has all black fruit and spicy flavours so typical to this variety;

also 2 bottles of Aroa Garnacha Tinto 2015 from Navarra - also fresh and aromatic red wine, light to medium bodied, some sweetness from ripe grapes, red berries and sweet spice flavours;

and finally 2 bottles of Tragolargo Monastrell 2015 from Alicante - very smooth, richer style of this black fruit variety, it is young but not acidic or astringent at all! Highly recommended to try.

We hope you'll enjoy this exciting wine club case of 6 no added sulphites wines.