No Sulphites Added Case of 6 Organic Wines (White)

No Added Sulphites wine club case of 6 organic wines includes white organic wines only.
Our light, aromatic and most popular white sulphite free wines are pre-mixed in this wine club case in a following way (have a look at individual bottles to know more and read our tasting notes, opens in a new window):

2 bottles of La Biancara Masieri Garganega 2015 - a straightforward white wine from Italy with fruity, refreshing and citrussy flavour profile. Mouthfeel is a bit richer, with a few notes of almonds and a crumbly biscuits on top. A great Italian sulphite free wine that is proven to be one of our bestsellers. 

2 bottles of quite different white wine from Alsace - Chasselas 2015 made with no added sulphites but also certified biodynamic; produced by famous Pierre Frick, gorgeous wine.

2 bottles of Pinot Grigio Redentore from Italy - an elegant white wine with fruity aromas which are accentuated with nuts and toasted almonds. Flavours are fresh with an excellent balanced minerality. Pair with delicious starters, soups, vegetables risotto and grilled fish.

We hope you'll enjoy this delicious wine club case of 6 white no sulphite added wines.