Ottavio Rube Rosso 2013, Barbera Dolcetto, Valli Unite, Piedmont, Italy (5L Wine in a Box)

Type: red wine

Speciality :

Country :

Grape :

Tasting Notes

The wine, simply put,


On the Eye: Deep ruby red colour

On the Nose: Red fruits, plums

On the Tongue: Perfumed cherries 

Best Enjoyed: Stews, bean dishes


And for a more robust read,

We present to you an amazing organic and no sulphites added wine in a box (5l). New technology offers a prolonged life for your wine when you open your box (up to 6-8 weeks). This economical and also ecological packaging allows to save money on the wine, get delicious product and also save energy on glass bottle recycling!

In the glass the wine is an intense ruby red. It displays fresh aromas, a dry and pleasantly moreish taste in which there are recurrent hints of roses and in which the fruitiness is successfully wedded to the tang of tannin. It is a blend of Dolcetto and Barbera, and this natural red wine is fresh, with abundance of red and black fruit (especially black cherries) and floral aromatics. Tannins are softened a bit in the old casks, but noticeable.

Pair with low cooked dishes with beans.

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans, no allergens used (no dairy, no eggs) and fully organic certified.

Biodynamic. Old-fashioned sickles are used to hoe the weeds, the vines are fertilised with manures from their cattle as well as green fertilisers composed of clover and weeds.

Cement vats are used to ferment the wines which are then transferred to old barrels to soften and mature.

The co-operative was born over thirty years ago. At a time in which increasing numbers of people had moved to the cities and to factory work, three young men from local farming families got together to discuss the future of farming in this area.  They were deeply attached to the work and to their own land, but they wanted to find new ways of using traditional methods.