Comunica 2014 Montsant, Spain

Type: red wine

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Tasting Notes

The wine, simply put,

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Best Enjoyed: Meaty salad, grilled meats


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This fresh and lively red enchants with its raspberry, blackberry and cherry fruit aromas, spices, smoke, herbs and stony minerality. On the palate the wine is full-bodied, with fruit, mineral and herb components all in perfect harmony.

ABV: 13.5%

Grape varieties: 45% Grenache, 45% Carignan, 10% Syrah

Use organic methods

Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans

Neither milk or eggs are used.

Wine story: Patri Morillo and Pep Aguilar have spent many years in the wine trade. They have travelled far and wide with an intense need to learn, to experiment and to search for their own path advising wineries of all shapes and sizes in different wine growing regions in the Mediterranean area and, after many years, their paths led them to the D.O. Montsant wine region, where they have set up their own winemaking project. Mas d’en Cosme estate has mainly granite based soils. And this is no coincidence. It is precisely the soil type they were looking for and had dreamed of for many years: a granite soil estate vineyard where they can make fresh, vibrant wines like the ones which granite soils tend to make in D.O. Montsant.

Climate: Dry Mediterranean climate: dry, but on summer evenings, despite the heat, the Garbinada (cool breeze) will blow in from the sea to satisfy the vines and the soil’s moisture needs.

Soils: Mainly granite based soils. The grapes for this wine from granitic sand.

Winemaking: natural, no sulphite added, manual harvested, maceration and fermentation between 12 and 18 days, aged for 20 months in stainless steel on fine lees. Total sulphur is at or below 20 mg/l.

No added sulphites. Total sulphites below 20 mg/l (naturally occurring sulphites, but there is 'contains sulphites' on the label).