Wine Sulphites Story

How to get great tasting natural wines with no added sulphites?

  • It is not funny when you start feeling that sudden itching feeling in your throat or feel dizzy just after a glass of wine.
  • It is not great to abstain from wine because your partner cannot stomach conventional wine.
  • It is also quite terrifying to poison your body with added sulphites, which are quite nasty preservatives…

So we thought - why these natural wines are not accessible at all?

They are made in small quantities by artisan producers who are making living wines (as opposed to stabilised and preserved by adding sulphites). Supermarkets cannot stock just a few cases, big chains are not interested if it is not a high volume big brand..
You can find these wines in some small independent ‘wacky’ wine stores. Yet if you do not live close to one, it is almost like mission impossible…

And that it when we had our “A-ha” moment: we will carefully taste hundreds of natural wines and select the best ones to sell online. It is not just about getting any natural wines, the wine needs to taste great. We’ve employed a wine expert who is WSET Certified Educator and is qualified to make a professional decision on these wines and that’s how it all started!

Guess what? During last few months we’ve shipped hundreds of cases and the feedback is tremendous. It is such extremely satisfying to realise that we’ve helped so many people to overcome their allergies, help their loved ones and simply be able to enjoy good wine together!