It happened again

Issues with sulphites in wine, wine allergy, wine intolerance

It happened again, you or your loved one felt the effect of sulphites in wine…
We know your story! We’ve got quite a few customers who simply cannot drink conventional wines because they start experiencing breathing difficulties, throat itching or some kind of rash. There aren’t many people with such an extreme reaction, but even mild condition may worsen with time…

We’ve got a question for you: would you like to drink delicious wine that does not trigger allergies, is lighter to your body and made with nothing artificial at all?
Come on.. admit it!

On this website you will discover dozens of natural wines made with no added sulphites and some expertly premixed cases for you to try a variety of them.

We are part of Organic Wine Club and specialise on organic wines that were made without added sulphites. Just a few years ago we did not know about these wines at all. We’ve heard about them from well known chefs who converted into drinking just natural wines. We’ve tried and were convinced.