Baglio Rosso 2016 Nero d'Avola, Sicily, Italy

Type: red wine

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Best Enjoyed: Red & white meats on the bone


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A full bodied, ripe and juicy red from the sun-drenched Italian island of Sicily. Packed with ripe black cherry fruit and hints of pepper, this supple wine is unoaked and has deliciously refreshing acidity.

ABV: 14%

The Nero d'Avola grape variety is indigenous to Sicily, where hot sunny days and cool fresh nights provide the perfect conditions for growing ripe but beautifully balanced red grapes capable of highly expressive wines such as this.

Certified organic

Suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans

Story: The main seat of the estate is a splendid structure from the nineteenth century in Marsale. This historical and prestigious building is situated in front of the seaside, on the western coastline of Sicily and facing the island of Egadi. Its design is in accordance with the architectural style of the traditional “baglio trapanese” which is composed by two bodies of factory that are arranged around a large quadrangular courtyard.

The baglio is the authentic and ancient architectural expression of the Sicilian rural economy. The positioning on the sea, ideal for supply and for the commerce of products, had the disadvantage of making the business activities extremely vulnerable to incoming attacks from the sea. In order to protect their own properties and interests from the adventurers who went around for the Mediterranean, the peasants and the traders sheltered their activities in fortified buildings: the baglio.

The baglio of Ciello is the synthesis of tradition and innovation: close to the ageing area with the barriques, the protagonists of the ancient and irreplaceable technique of improving of the wine, one can find the most modern machinery for the vinification and a fast and versatile bottling line.

Climate: Blessed with consistently bright sunshine and reliably moderate rainfall, Sicily's classic Mediterranean climate is ideally suited to the production of wine grapes. The warm, dry climate means that mildews and rots are kept to a minimum, particularly in well-ventilated areas which benefit from coastal breezes.

Viticulture: Organically grown grapes in a certified organic agriculture.

Vinification: Short maceration of a week of whole bunch (40%) and destemmed (60%) grapes. Wild yeast, no sulphur, no fining, no filtration.

Total S02: 30mg/L (naturally occurring as no added during winemaking)

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