Albet i Noya Nosodos 2013 Sparkling, Penedes, Spain

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Quality no added sulphur sparkling wine from Penedès in Spain, the top Spanish region for sparkling wine. This top-calibre Xarel-lo sparkling wine is made without any sulphites added, allowing the aromas and flavours to fully express themselves. This gives a very ‘pure’, fruity taste to the wine which is very enjoyable. The grapes are harvested by hand, and vinified in an oxygen-free, 100% hygienic process. It is aged for a year to give a gentle fizz and soft mouthfeel. Made in very limited quantities – get some while you can!

A sparkling wine following the Traditional Method and based on Xarel.lo. A Xarel.lo that comes from the Can Milà de la Roca estate, which is also located in the Costers del Ordal region. This vineyard, one of the most beautiful on the estate given the layout of its terraces, is ideal for extracting a high quality wine with a great aromatic concentration thanks to its low output, its chalky soil that is poor in organic material and the application of biodynamic cultivation techniques.
An elegant and seductive sparkling wine. The bubble is delicate and persistent, letting us enjoy a wide range of ripe white fruits with a perfect balance between acidic freshness and a very complex subtleness in the mouth.

The non-addition of any sulphites at any time during the elaboration process means that the vineyard selection must be meticulous and, therefore, manual grape harvesting and picking is essential. Then in the cellar, first the must and then the wine will be kept in totally hygienic and aseptic conditions, protecting it at all times from inert gases, avoiding contact with the air to impede irreversible oxidation. The natural sugars left after the first fermentation in tank are used by the yeast in order to start the second fermentation in the bottle. After this second fermentation and ageing for a period of one year with the lees, the bottles are left in the cold for a month so that, if there were any excess of natural mineral salts, these would crystallise and sink to the bottom of the bottle. They would be eliminated in the disgorging process along with the lees. During disgorging no type of liquor or SO2 is added, achieving the most natural expression that can be achieved with a sparkling wine made from Xarel-lo and rooted in our lands in Costers d'Ordal.


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